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Wize Way

The Wize Way comprises 3 parts: "Our Purpose", ”Our Values" and "Code of Conduct".

“Our Purpose” indicates why Wize exists in society.
“Our Values” are the important sense of value each person should have.
“Code of Conduct” is what we should comply.

Three Components of the Wize Way

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create hybrid intelligence for the benefit of humanity.

Our purpose represents why all Wize people work together every day. This is the core of the Wize Way.

Purpose Statement
The purpose statement is a brief narrative that sets out our purpose and its background context, as well as what value we create for customers and society, how we change and how we grow to achieve it.


  • The world has become more inter-connected with ever-growing complexity. We are experiencing an era that is fast-changing and uncertain.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) can amplify organizational abilities, to achieve the extraordinary outcomes need to rise to the challenges of an increasingly complex world.
  • As an engineering company by delivering technology-based value to customers, it is our responsibility to contribute proactively to the transformation of society.
  • In this era, we need unconventional ways to solve the world’s difficult challenges.

Our value

  • We create human-centric innovation by bringing together people with data and physical things.
  • When technology and people work together, we can see further—and deliver lasting impact that shapes our future.
  • We empower people to work more creatively and support the success of our customers.

Our own

  • Our purpose drives every action of every person in Wize.
  • Empathizing with people’s challenges, we will collaborate and act with agility to create solutions that make a positive impact to the environment, society and the economy.

Growing our
own capability

  • We respect fairness and equality, and promote diversity and inclusion.
  • We will continue to build the technology and capabilities needed by society in an environment where everyone is free to maximize their potential.

Our Values

In order to realize the purpose, “Our Values” indicate a critical action cycle consisting of the following values:

Be Optimistic

One thing that excites us all is the collective excitement that we all have for well, pretty much everything. Wize is a place where possibility meets tangibility, and that is what our clients and partners are asking of us – they are asking us to be optimistic about their future, believe, as optimists do, that doing good begets doing good, and believing that something is possible will somehow make it so. And most times it does.


At Wize, nobody one uses the word “I”, actually. Instead, every single person, without exception, using the word “we”, goes out of their way to acknowledge everyone around them, and appreciate everyone around them – colleagues, customers, and partners of the company and help them achieve collective goals. We always wholeheartedly support each other and believe that our most powerful asset at Wize has been, and will always be, word “we”. We’ve found that people who obsess over their ideas aren’t very good at collaborating with others! If you want to solve complex problems – which we are often asked to do – it takes multiple minds working together to arrive at the best solution.

Take Ownership

We believe that collective interdependence needs individual independence to underpin it. By which we mean: take responsibility for your part of the work, own it, and resolutely follow through on it. So, the unwritten social contract here is that individual ownership supports collective responsibility. Own that.

Make Others Successful

This is the mother lode of all Wize values – genuinely wanting success for others and going out of your way to help them get there is the secret sauce. It is something that can’t be replicated, that nobody else can copy and all of us will benefit from at some point in our careers here. When someone else, without asking, goes out of their way to make sure that you are seen, helped, acknowledged, and recognized – it’s powerful stuff, and is as good to give, as it is to receive.

Learn from Failure

Let’s be honest, what we do is really hard, we are constantly going into uncharted territory and if we were not trying new things that failed occasionally, we wouldn’t still be in business. When it happens to you, (which it will), own up, take a deep breath, have a dialogue with your team and try to figure out what you have all learned and how to help others learn from it, so that we can all, well, learn together.

Talk Less, Do More

Engineering means applying knowledge, rolling your sleeves up, making things tangible, getting your hands dirty and getting real by building, doing, creating, and providing practical solutions to solve real-world problems with the goal of making life better. When designing, making, and building can tell a much more powerful story, nothing is a bigger buzz-kill than over-intellectualizing, theorizing and postulating. So don’t be a theorist, be a pragmatist.

Embrace Ambiguity

Imagine you and your teammates are in a rowing boat, on a lake, and it’s foggy. You need to collectively row together, not knowing when you will hit land, but knowing that eventually you will. Your job is to support one another, not jump overboard but pull together in one direction. If our clients were coming to us with anything other than life-changing problems with complicated and nuanced outcomes, we would be bored. This is the other side of that: getting comfortable with the uncomfortable-ness that ensues.

Code of Conduct

We will abide by this Code of Conduct. As a member of society, we must comply with the “Code of Conduct”.

wize_code-of-conduct - We respect human rights

We respect human rights.

wize_code-of-conduct - We comply with all laws and regulations

We comply with all laws and regulations.

wize_code-of-conduct - We act with fairness in our business dealings

We act with fairness in our business dealings.

wize_code-of-conduct - We protect and respect intellectual property

We protect and respect intellectual property.

wize_code-of-conduct - We maintain confidentiality

We maintain confidentiality.

wize_code-of-conduct - We do not use our position in our organization for personal gain

We do not use our position in our organization for personal gain.