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We Are Building the Future of Working With AI

We Are Agile in Our Own Way to Maximize Autonomy & Flexibility

This is how we work everyday.

Pragmatism and flexibility are our driving principles. Rather than rigorously following a pre-established development methodology, we evolved our own based on existing ones, agile principles, and a number of practical issues we have observed in the past. We encourage all teams to adopt this process (but also let them customize it to their needs).

We avoid silos: People can easily express their desire to work on specific projects, and we encourage everyone to explore different technologies and aspects of the product.

We are autonomous: We trust our engineers and expect them to find their way through the code base by themselves as much as possible. This being said, we are always here to help each other as we don’t see the value of “getting stuck.” With this comes a lot of leverage (as well as responsibility) for technical choices. 

We are impactful: At Wize, no matter your role, you are allowed to suggest, try out new things, and fail. As engineers, we not only have a say in how we do things but also in what we do. 

We Work Together to Achieve our Common Goal

At Wize we all do “product first” (that means “customer-first”) — our developers don’t do “code first,” designers don’t do “design first,” and QA don’t do “tests first.” We all strive to achieve the best possible outcome for the product while also working together and fostering healthy teams.


Our field engineers, architects, and technical support engineers — with the support of sales and customer success teams — help customers from all around the world, whether it’s with installation, training, or answering day-to-day questions.


Our software engineers, product managers, and UX designers work together to build the human-centered, scalable, robust and secure AI products and solutions.


Research scientists from top universities (such as Sharif University of Technology) investigate emerging AI & ML topics, build prototypes, write publications, and help prepare the future of our products.

We Care About People and Quality More Than Deadlines and Delivery


Want a vacation? Take it (with or without much notice — don’t worry, your team will cope with your absence!). The same goes for remote work and parental leave and working remotely or in the office — we’re flexible. If you feel like spending some time volunteering, select a project you cherish and use the AI Days you accrue every year.


We don’t work with artificial deadlines — teams are assigned a scope of features for our releases, and we develop them as quickly as we can. However, we ultimately own the timeline, which means flexibility to delay product feature releases when it’s the right thing to do for our customers and product.


We develop new skills outside of our theoretical area of expertise by sharing our knowledge informally with colleagues, answering colleagues’ questions, or attending improvised whiteboard sessions. We also organize internal workshops and weekly discussions (Wednesday Knowledge Sharing).

We Believe Diversity of People and Opinions Make Healthy Teams and Great Products

Our people at Wize share a common conviction that no universal product, nor healthy teams, can be built without the strength of diverse point of views, social origins, gender, experiences and cultures. We all continuously work on building a diverse and inclusive work environment where all people feel free to be their true selves.

We Value Simple Over Shiny and Efficient Over Trendy

Our tech stack at Wize Analytics platform (made up of the hottest data and AI tech, including Spark, Kubernetes, deep learning, and more) reflects who we are: a fast-growing company committed to integrating with the latest and greatest — when it makes sense — to provide the best product for our customers. Our backend is mainly written in Python but also includes some Java. Our frontend is based on Angular.